What’s New

At Once Again Nut Butter, we are proud to announce a new line of specialty products, Amoré Hazelnut, and Amoré Almond. Made with cocoa and milk, these two organic and gluten-free nut butter spreads are the perfect additions to our family of products.

Amoré Almond is an organic, fair trade, and gluten-free nut butter that can elevate an ordinary snack into a gourmet luxury. Combining cocoa and milk with our organic almond butter and other quality organic ingredients, this product pairs perfectly with berries, fruit, or as a topping over frozen yogurt.

Amoré Hazelnut is a unique chocolate hazelnut butter that is also certified fair trade and gluten-free. Our heavenly organic hazelnut spread is made with the finest roasted hazelnuts and organic ingredients. Enjoy Amoré Hazelnut on its own or as a delicious and delicate finishing touch to a variety of treats.

To learn more about our gourmet organic and gluten-free nut butter spreads, visit our products page. In addition to our newly added Amoré products, our inventory includes a wide selection of organic peanut butter, available in no-stir natural peanut butter and no salt peanut butter, as well as a variety of organic almond butter spreads, cashew butter, killer bee honey, and more! Try Amoré today and indulge your sweet tooth with these tasty chocolate hazelnut butter and organic almond butter spreads.


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