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About Our Nutritionist

Carolina Lima Jantac, M.S., RD, LD, creates uniquely vibrant, imaginative recipes for our website. Jantac received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors with a major in food science and human nutrition from the University of Florida. Her Masters of Science degree focused on nutritional research. As a result of her research, Jantac published a study about the efficacy and attributes of vitamin B6 in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism in 2007. Her experience includes nutritionally-centered pediatrics and sports endeavors, which she undertook and completed at the University of Florida in its athletics department. Jantac has years of experience in nutritional counseling in both private and clinical settings, including areas such as weight management, allergy alleviation, digestive issues, infant nutrition, sports nutrition, pediatric and adult nutrition. She combines her evidence-based nutritional knowledge with a one-of-a-kind passion for delicious and wholesome foods when creating recipes using Once Again Nut Butters, and in the end, she cooks up endless culinary adventures for you!

Carolina's adventures began at age fifteen when she moved from Brazil to the United States to learn English. Her native language is Portuguese. Those formative years blended her South American culture with the nuances of a new world in the Sunshine State of Florida. This experience shaped how she developed her counseling, education, and cooking to serve a wide cross section of people, engaging her passion for highlighting the best of all the worlds she has experienced and continues to explore. Carolina believes that representing cultural strengths using creative and health-nurturing recipes connects individuals in a profoundly meaningful way.

Carolina is also a devoted athlete, having discovered her love for running after she got married and had two children. Initially, it was a way to find some solace and peace; however, running soon became her meditative practice. She has completed more than fifteen half-marathons over a period of three years. Additionally, she includes swimming and biking as cross-training modalities, turning to them on days when she does not run. Her dedication to these three modalities has brought her an appreciation of diverse athletes and sports. And in a very real, experiential way, Carolina has gleaned a much better understanding of how using the right fuels that stoke peak performance integrates with the achievement of personal excellence in the athletic arena. Needless to say, her recipes come with a twist of "how does this food improve your health?" combined with practicality and simplicity.

Indeed, the inspirational beauty extracted from all unique corners of this world drive Carolina's curiosity when she ventures on her many pilgrimages. She is on a quest now to complete the Via Francigena, an over 2,000-kilometer pilgrimage from Canterbury, England, to Rome, Italy. To date, she has completed over 400 kilometers on foot during two separate trips. This is a spiritual and physical journey that exemplifies Carolina's continued quest for personal growth.