Chocolate Hazelnut S’more

Meet the gourmet version of this favorite summer time treat: the Chocolate Hazelnut S’more. You’ll still need to bring your marshmallow roasting skills to the party, but no worries about melting your chocolate for the perfect bite. Instead, spread a generous layer of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter on each cracker, roast your marshmallow and assemble as usual. Each bite delivers a mouth full of melting marshmallow with Once Again Hazelnut and Cacao Spread.

Our Chocolate Hazelnut S’more is already a fan favorite here at Once Again! For other fun recipes, try our Almond Butter cookie brownies recipe found here.

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Is this your first time discovering our chocolate hazelnut butter?

As part of our tradition of providing satisfying gluten-free nut butter spreads, Once Again Nut Butter is proud to offer a new line of gourmet nut butters. Released in 2018, and like most of our other fine all-natural nut butter and organic peanut butter products, our organic hazelnut spreads are made using only the finest food service nut ingredients with no cholesterol or trans-fat.

With the added elements of cocoa and milk, this gourmet hazelnut butter can be combined with fruit, biscotti, or added as a topping to elevate any snack into a low-guilt treat that you’ll love.
In addition to hazelnut, our new gourmet nut butters also include our traditional organic almond butter now enhanced with milk chocolate or white chocolate made from only high-quality cocoa butter. If you’re looking for healthy, natural, plant-based spreads to satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to check out our chocolate nut butters in our store.

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