Pollinating Insect/Xerces

Once Again Nut Butter continually works and is dedicated to improving our environmental footprint. Our company has a dedicated Green Team that looks for better ways to be environmentally conscientious. Our commitment to organic and non-GMO products along with our support of programs addressing colony collapse disorder are some of our company’s larger considerations. We support the Bee Keeper’s Association of Rochester, Honey Bee Awareness Day, and the Xerces Foundation. Most of our products are organic and all of them are Non-GMO verified, with the exception of our local honey. Why not our local honeys? Well, as much as we love our little honeybee friends, we just can’t seem to convince those little rascals that they shouldn’t pollinate crops that are spread with pesticides. In fact, organic honeys no longer exist in the continental United States. Why? Because there must be a radius of at least 5 miles surrounding hives where no pesticides are used on crops, and that no longer exists in the United States today, with the exception of Hawaii.


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