Jubilee House Partnership

Jubliee House

Once Again Nut Butter has been working with the Jubilee House, a charity located outside Managua, Nicaragua, since the 1980’s. Their program, Center for Development in Central America (CDCA) http://jhc-cdca.org/ addresses the educational, social, and medical needs of the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. The program goal is to help communities become self-sufficient, sustainable, and democratic. We, at Once Again, share their core belief that all people have the basic right to clean water, sanitation, food, education, employment, clothing, and housing. Co-op development is one tool used to build and maintain communities. Jubilee House has a medical clinic serving 15,000 community members, who support themselves through organic sesame farming co-ops, sewing co-ops, and, now, organic honey farming co-ops.We also support the Jubilee House by donating a portion of our sesame Tahini sales to them to use for their programs.

Nicaragua Coops

Once Again has worked with Jubilee House for more than 2 decades. The Jubilee House is a 501(c)(3) charity whose main purpose is to bring employment to Nicaraguans. About 25 years ago, Once Again, with the help of Jubilee House, planted a few acres of sesame as a test plot in Nicaragua.

A few acres of successfully grown sesame seeds planted 12 years ago have now turned into the development of 13 cooperatives representing 2,000 farmers. Once Again, has been buying sesame seeds at world market prices, which has greatly enhanced the living conditions of the farmers and their families.

Once Again is in engaged in Honest in Trade practices. Our support of the farmer co-ops helps to ensure collective bargaining to keep prices stable. The purchases of our commodities are, at a minimum, at world market rates, and more often than not, we pay above world market prices. The support we have shown our co-ops has improved the living conditions of small farmers and provided them with a network and means of solidarity. In 2013, we asked the co-ops to add organic peanuts as a rotation crop to sesame seeds, which they have done.


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