Sustainability Program – Honest In Trade

Dedicated to Quality & Sustainable Products for a Better Future

Honest In Trade is the name of our Sustainability Program. You buy from us because you know that for over four decades, Once Again has represented some of the highest social and environmental standards in the organic food industry. As claims around sustainability continue to multiply in the food industry, we are compelled – Once Again – to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Enter our Honest In Trade (“HIT”) program. A recent addition to our company and product management, the vision is to improve quality of life through creating and sustaining environmentally, economically, and socially fulfilling partnerships from farm to fork. In a nutshell, HIT is our approach to sustainability: our environmental and social projects, including the relationships with and monitoring and development of our supply chain partners. What this all means is that Once Again is active in delivering products and ingredients that represent credible, and verified social, environmental, and quality standards.

This isn’t a simple equation! In particular, monitoring and verification of our supply chain practices have taken a lot of planning and stakeholder input to make this vision a reality! A summary of our supply chain verification process and progress is below, but please read on to find out how it works, what our program stands for, and where we are in the process of fully integrating it into our company. You’ll also find some interesting tidbits on projects we’re working on at headquarters to make this world a better place to live in.


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