Honey peanut butter toastOffering Recipes with Sweet & Natural Organic Honeys

This year Once Again has decided to discontinue our different kinds of honey, including our famous killer bee honey. However, we have not discontinued our support of organizations working to address colony collapse disorder among pollinating insects. We delight in helping to support organizations that work to address the struggles of honey bees and other pollinating insects. We sincerely care about the environment and are dedicated to sustainable and organic food production practices.

What is killer bee honey? It’s Brazilian wild honey. Killer bees are hardy pollinators. The bees that create killer bee honey are fierce, but the honey they produce is superb tasting. You’ll be happy to learn that nearly all of the organic honey that comes from Brazil, as well as Central America, is made from killer bees! “Bee” invited to use your favorite exotic organic honey, or use locally sourced honey, in the recipes we provide you. Check out our killer bee honey recipes for further inspiration.

You may continue to enjoy our organic and natural nut butter selection. We offer quality boxed nuts  and a wide selection of vegetarian nut butters. Once Again is dedicated to creating quality products from sustainable resources and our line of nut butters are a part of our Honest In Trade program!


Crafted in small batches, just for you, our employee-owners offer:

Organic peanut butter

Almond butter products

Cashew butter

Sunflower seed butter

Chocolate butter


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