Offering the Sweetest and Most Natural Flavors

Here at Once Again Nut Butter, our dedication to sustainable and organic products continues from our natural, no salt, and no stir peanut butter products to our nut ingredients, and beyond. In addition to our wide selection of vegan nut butter, organic peanut butter, and almond butter products, we are proud to offer killer bee honey, wildflower honey, and more.

Dedicated to creating quality products from sustainable resources, our line of honey products are a part of our Honest In Trade program which helps support organizations that work to address the struggles of honey bees and other pollinating insects.

Natural honey goes a long way and will never expire, which is why it’s our favorite natural sweetener. Our honey is harvested from beekeepers around the world. For the organic killer bee honey, South American indigenous beekeepers of the Amazon harvest the honey. The bees that create this delectable treat are fierce, but the honey they produce is superb. With the perfect balance of a smooth and sweet taste, you’ll enjoy every last drop of our natural and organic honey products. We even offer the classic bear-shaped honey squeeze bottle for your convenience.

Natural Honey Products: