Food Waste Reduction Program

From farm to fork, more than 40% of all food is wasted. And food is one of the largest problems of landfill waste.

Our team also has looked at our company’s food waste and what we can do to be even better about reducing it with the goal of one day completely eliminating it. Since our company’s inception, we have donated food byproducts to area animal lovers and farms who feed our products to their pets, livestock, and local wildlife, such as filling their personal birdfeeders. Our byproducts include food waste created when we change over our lines, skins on peanuts, spills off of our roasters and lines, product that doesn’t meet our taste profile, etc. We also have food waste that cannot be donated to area animal enthusiasts such as outdated products, or products that don’t pass our quality testing. These items are sent to a local company who takes our food waste and upcycles it into an energy source, such as electricity. They do this through a process known as anaerobic digestion.


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