Cashew Butter

Your Choice for Organic Cashew Butter & Bulk Cashew Butters

At Once Again Nut Butter, we pride ourselves on using only the finest cashews to create our organic creamy concoctions. Whether you are looking for bulk cashew butter for food service work or gluten-free nut butter products to create your own unique healthy snacks, our company is sure to have the right product for you. Check out our organic cashew butter recipes for inspiration or visit our online shop to place your order. We proudly offer a wide selection of organic and vegan nut butter products. In addition, we also carry gluten-free, kosher, and sodium-free options.

Benefits of Cashew Butter

Like other plant-based nut butters, cashew butter comes with a variety of health benefits. Slightly lower in fat than other nut butters, cashew butter is one of the best sources for monounsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids, and magnesium. These nutrients benefit your metabolism, your sugar and cholesterol control, your bone health, and blood pressure.

The long-term health benefits that high protein nut butters bring cannot be overstated. Controlling your blood sugar levels helps with weight loss and can even help ward off diabetes by decreasing your insulin resistance. Healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are great for heart health.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy option to supplement a workout or just want something to snack on, cashew butter is perfect for your needs.

So Many Ways to Enjoy Our Butters

Our line of natural and organic cashew butter products are made through the process of milling. Using a dash of safflower oil, we’re able to create a spreadable and tasty treat. Oil separation may occur naturally with our organic cashew butter. To prevent this, stir and refrigerate or freeze to enjoy later.

Offering organic cashew butter in 12oz, 16, oz jars, as well as bulk, and snack options, Once Again Nut Butter is dedicated to bringing you only the best in natural and organic products. Have a question about our cashew products? Contact our team today!

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